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We want to be more than just a label or the best online shop for Funk& Soul: We care about culture. And so we are building an online archive for soul stories, illuminating backgrounds and saving analogue treasures for the digital age. We curate playlists, publish exciting music by unknown acts and try to link the analogue with the digital world. In addition to our own label releases, we curate a selection of high-quality Funk & Soul LPs, 7" and tapes in the Soul Shop. We try to offer an international selection of the contemporary international scene. Music that we love.

Fabian & Johannes

Golden Rules is based in Leipzig, Germany. Johannes Riedel is a soul nerd from a young age. He runs his own labels and a studio with vintage equipment and is a multi-instrumentalists in a long list of projects. He works as a booker and promoter for contemporary funk and soul acts and has his own radio show on Soho Radio London. Fabian Schuetzes aim is to create projects with value, to tell important stories, based on a DIY heart and an independent music mindset. Living the Golden Rules.

We are Soul&Funk and vinyl lovers ourselves. Passionate about what we do, with a direct line to the labels and artists. We want fair shares for the artists and sustainable relationships with our customers and partners. Relationships at eye level. We want to support the scene directly and immediately. The Soul Shop should bring people and music together. Bringing Soul back to the people.

Our Golden Rules

100% True Notes
It is our greatest concern that the music we present is absolutely authentic and transports this on its way to the audience.

Support independent artists and do fair deals only
We want to break the old patterns of the music business and work together with artists at eye level. That's why transparency, good communication and fair deals are our top priorities.

Respect the art & culture, respect everybody
The history of soul music is closely linked to black history and many personalities have done great things to express themselves in their music. We want to meet this with the greatest respect.

Think digital but treasure the analogue heritage
We love the analogue sound and feeling but we also love the digital network bringing people together easily. Thinking digital for us is analogous to saving the heritage.

Support your local & global community
The best support is direct support. Whether it's locally by visiting your favorite stores or globally by supporting the artists and labels directly instead of third parties in the chain of sales.

Think positive & spread love
We wanna bring soul back to the people and think music has ever been the best transmitter of spreading positivity and love. Be part of it.

Have questions or feedback? Want to work with us? Drop us a line.


Johannes & Fab
Golden Rules

Support Independent Artists Do Fair Deals Only
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