From the beginning on we wanted to be a spotlight on the current scene of contemporary Funk, Soul and positive vibes.

That was when the idea came to our minds to curate a bi-weekly series of singles presenting some exclusive recordings of the best international acts out there. We're very proud of the result with highly acclaimed artists from around the globe.

The Singles will be bundled to an LP and Tape Sampler on a regular basis.

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Sweet Extasy

The Supertights - Sweet Extasy

The Supertights is Q-Sounds Recording instrumental All Star band. The combo is a playground where each musicians of the label can express his creativity. No plans, just music, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and crazy stage performances!

Sweet Extasy is a laid back, smooth and jazzy vibes evoked by shifting drums, warm bass, funky guitar, deep rhodes and a super nice transverse flute.

Diggin’ Dirt

Magic In Threes - Diggin’ Dirt

Formed in 2010, Magic In Threes is a Nashville, Tennessee based instrumental combo specializing in psychedelic cinematic-soul. Heavy on atmosphere and quite smoked out. A whole bunch of creative young people living 100% true notes and showing a wide range of projects such as DeRobert & The Half Truths and The Gripsewarts.

Heavy but easy Instrumental with a Hip Hop attitude played with a deep bass under smashing drums enriched with picking guitars, chords and a laid back organ.

Fresher Under Pressure

Hot Border Special - Fresher Under Pressure

From the deepest depths of south London, Hot Border Special formed in 2014 with the goal to create an exciting and explosive mix of funk, rock, soul, latin and Afro featuring a tight, raw and funky rhythm section, soaring guitars and heavy keys. Their reputation as a fierce live band is backed up by their two studio LP’s - the eponymously titled ‘Hot Border Special’ and the second release ‘Are You Ready?’ which takes the listener on a psychedelic trajectory into funk rock.

The track starts with a little Space Echo intro that brings in the driving percussion and picking guitar which turns into a dancing dream machine of south american ryhthm exposures surrounded by organs, more space echo and certain breaks and guitar leads. Moving!

Thievin’ & Robbin’

DeRobert & The Half-Truths - Thievin’ & Robbin’

Everybody knows: the Music City Nashville got Soul and DeRobert Adams is the proof in the pudding! Pairing powerful vocals with raw soul instrumentation by way of the Half-Truths, this Nashville, TN combo have helped put their G.E.D. Soul Records on the map worldwide. A blast of young musicians that just had their first trip to europe and made soul sisters and brothers very happy! Definitely one to watch out for!

"Thievin' & Robbin'" is a warm sounding soul with hittin’ drums, easy bass, guitar, horns and the fresh and powerful voice of Dee Adams.


Magnetic Monster

Outer Space - Magnetic Monster

Outer Space is a 7-piece formation from Barcelona, Spain that blends afrobeat, ethio-jazz, funk & soul to create hypnotic melodies and grooves, taking listeners on an experimental journey they like to define as afro-soul.

Magnetic Monster is a track with heavy drums and percussion led by an angry guitar and bass line are filled up with hard hittin' horns in the Budos manner. Moving! Start a riot!

All Or Nothing

Laura Llorens & The Shadows Of Love - All Or Nothing

Laura started off loving and singing Folk music. Slowly, she made her way through the folk and indie-folk scene in Paris, France since 2005. Writing and composing from her own life experiences, she released 3 albums under just her solo name. Laura had begun writing a new album on the theme of what home means. In September 2018 she met Ludovic Bors, the artistic director of the only French Soul Label Q-Sounds Recordings and exchanged with him the idea of making a real soul record.

Psych flangered drums and guitar lead into a clearly nice soul song full of beautiful rhodes chords, excellent backing vocal arrangements and the brightening voice of Laura

Three Ears

The Brothers Nylon - Three Ears

The Brothers Nylon are one of those phenomenons where you want to scream: "THANK YOU INTERNET!" The two Long Island twin brothers are playin’ around with all kinds of instruments and analogue equipment. Their creativity knows no limitations and allows for LoFi beats as well as Funk & Soul Breaks, Library Music and Zappa-esque adventures. They already got support from great artists like Shawn Lee and Georgia Anne Muldrow and there will surely be more to come.

Three Ears is a nice and funky riff over some dirty drums and fits together with a very soulful horn line. A funky groove just as the JBs would have dropped.

Rocket Ship

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - Rocket Ship

As Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Lee has released 10 albums on US label Ubiquity Records and 1 under his own label Silver Fox Records. His different styles have made it to several movies, series and computer games like Ocean’s 13, Malcolm in the Middle, CSI: Miami, Lost or Bully (just to mention a few). Incredible output for incredible music!

Rocket Ship is a heavy drum break by the maestro of breaks that leads into a spaced out adventure of bass, synths, melodica, percussion and a vocal from out of this world.

Asphalt Homeland

Ghost Funk Orchestra - Asphalt Homeland

Ghost Funk Orchestra is the brainchild of producer, musician, composer & arranger Seth Applebaum. What started as a one-man recording project has now evolved into a 10-piece powerhouse live band based in New York City that forges new territory and blurs the line between soul and psychedelia.

Following two albums, on Colemine Records and their offshoot Karma Chief, the band now partners with German-based label Golden Rules to release their latest single, instrumental “Asphalt Homeland” available in all digital stores from April 2nd.

“Asphalt Homeland” is a laidback track with lush orchestration that comprises drums, electric guitar, bass, hypnotic flute flourishes, and a violin solo at the end. Once again defying genre specifications, Ghost Funk Orchestra deliver a soothing soundtrack to our divisive times.

Find My Way

The Mighty Mocambos - Find My Way

The Mighty Mocambos and their many incarnations have released dozens of 45s and several albums on their own imprint Mocambo Records and other labels . They have collaborated with musical legends such as Afrika Bambaataa, Lee Fields, Ice-T, Charlie Funk, Peter Thomas or Kenny Dope, put new talent like Gizelle Smith and Caroline Lacaze on the map, brought Caribbean steel drums to funk clubs with their alter ego Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, and have toured through all civilized parts of the continent.

Find My Way is a soulful song with a smooth but drifting groove, percussions, horns and a fuzzy psychedelic guitar in an Isaac Hayes style lead by the wonderful voice of Nichola Richards. Epic Beauty!

Shinjuku Strut

The Drawbars - Shinjuku Strut

The Drawbars is an organ trio out of Hamburg. It’s the city’s finest when it comes to smooth grooves, deep basses and heavy organ action! Funk meets soulful jazz, there is improvisation, daring and experimentation, psychedelic elements waft, grooves groove, a crazy trip backwards into the future, political statement, soundtrack for the head cinema, treasure map and declaration of love all in one: The Drawbars play "Off Jazz."

Shinjuku Strut is a breaking song of drums, bass and b3 organ that hits the style of funky strut in a modern kind of way. Excellent!



When Gizelle Smith stormed from relative obscurity onto the funk scene in 2008 as the front woman of Hamburg-based band The Mighty Mocambos, critics and music lovers alike immediately hailed her as “the golden girl of funk”. Mention the name Gizelle Smith in funk-knowing circles and ears will immediately prick up with curiosity and tangible excitement, eagerly ready to hear more.

Jonny is a banging soul smasher with funky guitars and horns over a driving drumbreak including top notch percussions and the perky voice of Gizelle Smith. Hit!

Rhythm 2

The Soul Surfers - Rhythm 2

After releasing countless collectable and in-demand 7-inch singles and making a name for themselves in the contemporary “raw funk and soul” scene, The Soul Surfers drop their debut album “Soul Rock!”; a magnum opus of raw, gritty soul and greasy funk featuring eminent guests from the aforementioned scene that birthed their sound.

In "Rhythm 2" Reverbed Synth hit the sound of a dope drum break including bass, guitars and a grand piano. Library tastes and dreaming moods predetermined!

This City

The Gripsweats feat. Oliver James - This City

Direct from Nashville, TN comes a new group on the soul & funk scene, The Gripsweats! The group started off as a studio project at the G.E.D. Soul Records studio, but eventually migrated to bandleader Andrew Muller's basement studio where things got very rough and raw!

This City offers epic and deep soul feelings with the use of drums, bass, guitar, wurlitzer, horns and backing vocals in an incredibly strong arrangement. Plus the powerful singing of Oliver James like it's 1968. Extraordinary!

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