Asier Del Alamo about Boss Reverb Box RX-100

Asier Del Alamo about Boss Reverb Box RX-100Asier Del Alamo about Boss Reverb Box RX-100

“This little spring reverb has a huge sound. We have used it since the beginning of the studio, and it is in almost every record. It has a very full sound, quite mid-range, without being very dark or messy to be a spring reverb. It is not very acidic either, but if pushed hard you can achieve that spring distortion kind of sound. We use it mostly for voice, brass, guitars… But if you pass the bass through it, you can achieve a very interesting sound. Another good thing to do to create a good atmosphere is to send the reverb return to the phaser, giving some psychedelic taste to the whole song.” - Asier Del Alamo

Follow his work via @notokarrecords

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