Carlton Stories - Patti Labelle

Carlton Stories - Patti Labelle

I've loved Patti Labelle ever since I had hair on my head and braces on my teeth.

Every time I've ever met her she has been more than kind and gracious. It was as if you were talking to your favorite aunt or your neighbor who you had a crush on!

I've seen her in person countless times and she has always put on an amazing show. She has never failed to give less than her best.

Fast forward to 2014.

Patti was appearing in "AFTER MIDNIGHT" at the Brooks Atkinson theatre on Broadway. I have at least ten authentic, vintage Patti Labelle concert posters.

I waited outside the theatre with all of my posters with me in the hope that she would be kind enough to sign them.

Her limousine pulled up and there she was the great glam dive herself, the former front woman for one of the greatest female singing groups ever.

The Supremes had the image, Labelle had the voices.

Her bodyguard spotted me and for some reason came over to me and asked me what was going on. I told him that I had some concert posters that I wished for Ms.Labelle to sign and I began to show them to him.

He looked at a few and then told me, "...well she doesn't really have time, maybe she'll sign one of 'em...".

Unbeknownst to both us Ms. Labelle had walked up behind us and was looking over his shoulder.

Apparently she arrived just in time to hear him say that maybe she would sign just one of them because the first words out of her mouth were,

"...oh I'm going to sign all of these!...".

And she proceeded to do so.

She would make remarks after each poster, "...look at my hair!...", " this what I wore?...".

She was absolutely delightful.

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