Cleopatra Jones is a 1973 American blaxploitation film directed by Jack Starrett. Tamara Dobson stars as an undercover government agent who uses the day job of a supermodel as her cover and an excuse to travel to exotic places. Bernie Casey, Shelley Winters and Antonio Fargas also feature. The film has been described as being primarily an action film, but also partially a comedy with a spoof tone.

The movie is accompanied by a rhythm-and-blues soundtrack featuring Joe Simon singing “Theme from Cleopatra Jones” and Millie Jackson singing “Love Doctor” and “It Hurts So Good.” Instrumentals on the soundtrack include “Goin’ to the Chase,” "Wrecking Yard" and “Go Chase Cleo.” "Oriental-style" music combined with jazz, bass and strings creates an exotic tone. At the same time, the bluesy rhythm alludes to black jazz culture, appropriate for an action-hero movie taking place in the African-American community.

The song “Theme from Cleopatra Jones” emphasizes the fantasy of erotic pleasure for men: “You’re so sweet and strong…/Touch me like the desert wind.” In the theme song, the lyrics depict the threat and thrill of her exotic beauty: “You take my pride and you throw it up against the wall/You take me in your arms, baby, and bounce me like a rubber ball…/ Dontcha know that it hurts so good.”

The soundtrack was a popular success, selling well over 500,000 copies

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