They call her Coffy and she’ll cream you! That's the advertisement for the blaxploitation film Coffy written and directed by Jack Hill in 1973. It is one of the first movies with a strong woman as the main role and Hill wanted nobody else but Pam Grier. The background to the story is told in a way that Larry Gordon lost his rights to Cleopatra Jones and was probably very angry about it. He quickly convinced Jack to write a film about an African-American strong woman to beat Cleopatra in numbers. Which succeeded. Now the movie is famous for Pam as a strong black female lead and also in its anti-drug message, which has been new to that time. The soundtrack was written by Roy Ayers and contains many of hot heaters and features artists like Dee Dee Bridegewater, Wayne Garfield and Harry Whitaker. Especially “Aragon” is a heavy funky tune and was contemporary covered in a nice version by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble on their latest LP.

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