Labelle was formed by Patti LaBelle (formerly Patricia Holt), Cindy Birdsong, Nona Hendryx, and Sarah Dash out of the former bands The Ordettes and the Del-Capris. First as the Bluebells and later as Patti LabBelle and the Bluebells the group had several hits but all more in the style of Ballads and were known as the “Sweethearts of the Apollo”. In 1967 Cindy Birdsong changed to the group The Supremes and the band reformed themself into Labelle in 1971.

Up to this time they already had 2 albums and a few hits in the Top 40s, were a support act for The Rolling Stones america tour and went from Newton to Atlantic Records with another 2 albums.

Always changing their musical style, stage dresses and look they also changed the label again and signed with Epic Records in 1974 and recorded their breakthrough album “Nightbirds” produced by the one and only Allen Toussaint. The record includes their top hits “Lady Marmelade” and “What can i do for you” and helped the band to international success. Both songs became important in the development of disco and also pushed funk to the mainstream. Nightbirds eventually sold over a million copies and was certified gold. During the album's promotion, the group became the first rock group to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House.

During a show in Baltimore in 1976 it came to an incident with Hendryx, as she went off stage and locked herself into her dressing room knocking her head against the walls.

That’s when the band decided to stop and break up after fourteen years together.

There have been solo careers and comebacks within the band members. In 1991 the trio reunited on stage at the Apollo Theatre and then again in 1959 and 1999.

In 2008, Labelle announced their reunion and released their first studio album in 32 years, the critically acclaimed Back to Now. he group performed a triumphant show at the Apollo Theatre in New York City on December 19, 2008.

Labelle has been sampled many many times and covered from lots of pop acts and mainly had a huge influence worldwide.

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