Michael Rufolo about his Fostex 3180 2 Channel Spring Reverb

Michael Rufolo about his Fostex 3180 2 Channel Spring Reverb

“This is a recent acquisition. But i can tell it's going to be used a lot in our productions. But We've been using Spring Reverbs on amps for a while but having a hardware reverb unit where you can patch in anything to it is much for versatile. I have a spring reverb OBSESSION. I would take the tanks off of amps and patch them into mixers but it's not the same level as a properly built and properly amplified dedicated spring reverb unit.

Also I love that its Stereo.

It's a very lush 4-5 sec reverb tail that honestly sounds good on anything. Drums,Strings,Guitar,Horns,Vocals. I really wanted the Orban 111b but this thing honestly sounds very close to the orban without the crazy price tag.” - Michael Rufolo

Michael and Nick Rufolo are twins from Long Island, New York and make music as The Brothers Nylon for years now. Their youtube channel is a goldmine of weired and crazy videos, dope jams, hot songs and chilled out vibes. They have teamed up with Shawn Lee for two albums and releases plenty material over the past years. Whatever the sound is, those guys will rock it!

Follow their work via @thebrothersnylon

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