Michael Rufolo about his Juno 6

Michael Rufolo about his Juno 6

“This is a very legendary synth. Perfect for Pads or recreating anything from the game catalog of the SEARS TELE-GAMES VIDEO ARCADE. This particular Juno has been to hell and back. Some keys now stick and reproduce a quick note when you don't want it to. Must be dust in there. I bought this because

the Owner of a company (Dave Koltai) Pigtronix, was selling it for $600. I couldn't refuse that because just like the Tascam 388, the prices of these old Junos are way high now.

This synth is a very entry level, user friendly, no patching necessary synthesizer. Everything is labeled and easy to get good sounds right out of the gate. The arpeggiator is my favorite part and it even has a secret chord memorizer trick that when you play a chord, you tap hold and it holds the chord but if you then hold down key transpose and play one note at a time, it will transpose the chord you just played. Instant House/EDM vibes.” - Michael Rufolo

Michael and Nick Rufolo are twins from Long Island, New York and make music as The Brothers Nylon for years now. Their youtube channel is a goldmine of weired and crazy videos, dope jams, hot songs and chilled out vibes. They have teamed up with Shawn Lee for two albums and releases plenty material over the past years. Whatever the sound is, those guys will rock it!

Follow their work via @thebrothersnylon

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