Paul Elliott about his Wurlitzer Electric Piano A200

Paul Elliott about his Wurlitzer Electric Piano A200Paul Elliott about his Wurlitzer Electric Piano A200

“Over the years I have bought and sold way too much studio gear. I’ve been through so much equipment that I’ve literally had most things pass through the studio doors - some of which I thought would be gold, but sold as quickly as possible and some of which I didn't realize were golden and I still regret selling. That being said, my quest for new and exciting bits of kit continues...I'm always on the hunt for new sounds, weird things, cheap things, unusual bits, one trick ponies etc...However, there are a few pieces of equipment and instruments that have stayed and that I don't think I will part with....yet!

The first and top of this ‘keep’ list is my Wurli. It's nothing special, there's tons of these knocking about and most decent studios have one, but my one seems to have a permanent spot. I have used it on countless tracks and even though there are a couple keys that are starting to go too far out of tune to get away with, I still use it a lot, even if it's just for working out chords or quickly putting down ideas. The amp is still good and louder than most other wurli’s that I’ve used. The keys are in good shape too.

I can almost remember when and where I bought most of my gear and the wurli is no exception! About 12 years ago, I decided to search for one of these and after a few weeks of missing out on them (as I didn't have enough dosh), I found this one on ebay and sent a polite message with a really cheeky low offer. The offer, of course, was refused, but I kept a keen eye on the listing and actually snapped it up for the price I had originally offered the guy!

A couple of nights later I made my way to a dubious looking flat in south London where I was to pick up my new purchase. I was met at the door by a shady looking dude with a skin head and one eye! He led me up two flights of stairs to where the wurli was sitting in his front room along with two other tough looking characters. I gave the wurli the once over, asked him why he was selling it and he told me that he had ‘taken’ it from a local church hall. They had had it since new and it was collecting dust, so he decided it might be worth a few quid and it should find a new home...Which it did, I paid the dude, struggled down the stairs, chucked it in the motor and back to my studio where I recorded on a tune that night! It's a classic sound for sure…”

- Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott is a great percussionist and artist who plays in several roles such as in bands like Jet Tricks, Hot Border Special, Eleven 76, The Mighty Mocambos and some more. Plus he also worked as director for the Library Music Film invented by Shawn Lee. He is a super great dude and always on fire when it comes to drums, breaks and grooves.

Follow his work on Instagram via @eleven76music

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