Seth Applebaum about his Ampeg Gemini I G-12

Seth Applebaum about his Ampeg Gemini I G-12Seth Applebaum about his Ampeg Gemini I G-12

“This amp defined the sound of GFO from the beginning. I initially got it because I was very familiar with its sonic contribution to so much of the Daptone catalog. The original spring tank was dead, so I swapped it for a new MOD long spring tank right away. When I say this thing gets drenched in reverb, I mean it gets drenched almost past the point of being useful! The cabinet design being the way it is, the only way for me to get big reverb sounds without causing ear-piercing feedback was to extend the RCA leads and sits the reverb tank on top of the amp itself. Then I could crank it all I wanted with little repercussions. On the other side of the faceplate lives one of the sweetest sounding tremolo circuits I've had access to. Folks who are familiar with this amp will also be familiar with the hidden mode beyond full tremolo depth where the signal turns into a hard square wave and sounds like a Vox repeater. Beyond the effects, I've always loved how easy it is to dial this amp into a sweet spot where it's breaking up and compressing in a soulful, gritty way. Some of that warmth was certainly aided by the original Jensen speaker, which unfortunately has long since been destroyed and replaced (sorry). Either way, I've recorded guitar, bass, keyboard, drum machine, and even vocals through this thing. It never fails to deliver something cool.”

- Seth Applebaum

Seth Applebaum is the mastermind behind the band “Ghost Funk Orchestra” and has released two amazing albums with it via Karma Chief / Colemine Records. His unique sound and psychedelic grooves made it through the whole world. A very talented and smart guy with a deep passion for dusty and analog sound equipment.

Follow his work on Instagram via @ghostfunkorchestra

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