Seth Applebaum about his Evans AE-205R Analog Echo

Seth Applebaum about his Evans AE-205R Analog EchoSeth Applebaum about his Evans AE-205R Analog EchoSeth Applebaum about his Evans AE-205R Analog Echo

“This is a relatively recent acquisition, but it has very quickly become a staple in my mixing process. For ages I was searching for a rackmounted analog delay unit, but for the life of me I couldn't find the right one for a reasonable price. By sheer luck, the owner of the Philadelphia-based pedal company Mountainking Electronics listed this awesome looking unit for sale, and I jumped on it immediately. If I had to be honest, the graphics were the thing that sold me initially. Apparently this is very rare unit, especially the version with reverb, so I couldn't find a whole lot of useful info on it. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Not only has it become my go-to for delay effects, it also has a really great sounding spring reverb section that has proven to be my new secret weapon for percussion. The reason I was so adamant about finding an analog delay is because I'm a sucker for the sound of those gritty decaying trails. This unit is also a champion at self-oscillation and all manner of wacky noisemaking. Expect to hear this unit absolutely everywhere on the upcoming Ghost Funk Orchestra record.”

- Seth Applebaum

Seth Applebaum is the mastermind behind the band “Ghost Funk Orchestra” and has released two amazing albums with it via Karma Chief / Colemine Records. His unique sound and psychedelic grooves made it through the whole world. A very talented and smart guy with a deep passion for dusty and analog sound equipment.

Follow his work on Instagram via @ghostfunkorchestra

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