Seth Applebaum about his Fostex Model 80 Tape Machine

Seth Applebaum about his Fostex Model 80 Tape MachineSeth Applebaum about his Fostex Model 80 Tape MachineSeth Applebaum about his Fostex Model 80 Tape Machine

“Last but not least is my trusty 8-channel reel-to-reel. Like the Ampeg Gemini, this unit has had a big hand in shaping the GFO sound, not just because of what it offers sonically but also for the workflow it dictates. Limiting myself to only 8-channels forced me to experiment a lot with mic placement so that I could capture the most while using the least. Drums were often recorded with a single mic, or two mic's on a special occasion. Having a backbone in economical microphone use has certainly aided my production style, not to mention the time I save by not having to chase phase issues. Now, because this tape machine is cramming 8 channels onto 1/4” tape (much like the more popular Tascam 388), the headroom isn't very high and there's plenty of crosstalk. Unlike the Tascam 388, however, this machine runs at 15ips, so what it lacks in track width it makes up for in speed and a little extra fidelity. That's not to say it doesn't get scuzzy. I've managed to coax some of my absolute favorite drum sounds out of this unit. Like all the other gear on this list, this one is sticking with me for a long time.”

- Seth Applebaum

Seth Applebaum is the mastermind behind the band “Ghost Funk Orchestra” and has released two amazing albums with it via Karma Chief / Colemine Records. His unique sound and psychedelic grooves made it through the whole world. A very talented and smart guy with a deep passion for dusty and analog sound equipment.

Follow his work on Instagram via @ghostfunkorchestra

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