Seth Applebaum about his Wurlitzer 207 Instructor Console

Seth Applebaum about his Wurlitzer 207 Instructor ConsoleSeth Applebaum about his Wurlitzer 207 Instructor ConsoleSeth Applebaum about his Wurlitzer 207 Instructor Console

“I've always been a huge fan of the Wurlie sound; the bark or growl or honk...however you want to describe it. From Ray Charles to John Medeski, it was a sound I always got excited to hear on a record. I was already familiar with the 200A, but not with the 207. This behemoth is a whole keyboard and cabinet with speakers, jacks, and switches galore. Apparently it was designed to connect with up to 6 other 'student' model Wurlies as part of a classroom setting (as well as a really cool light-up display that I've yet to find). My friend Mike Risberg (of the band Elder) managed to scout it on Facebook Marketplace from all the way over in Germany (the Wurlie was in Brooklyn). For a fraction of the price of a 200A, my friend and I scooped it up in a U-Haul (that she miraculously happened to have at the moment). Ever since I got it home, this keyboard has made countless appearances on my recordings, as well as serving as my defacto piano for working out arrangements and sounding out melodies. Sometimes it crackles and sometimes the speakers distort, but the mojo from this thing is undeniable. I can't walk past it without at least turning it on for a moment and playing a spicy jazz chord.”

- Seth Applebaum

Seth Applebaum is the mastermind behind the band “Ghost Funk Orchestra” and has released two amazing albums with it via Karma Chief / Colemine Records. His unique sound and psychedelic grooves made it through the whole world. A very talented and smart guy with a deep passion for dusty and analog sound equipment.

Follow his work on Instagram via @ghostfunkorchestra

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