Shirley Brown

Shirley Brown

Shirley Brown was born in 1974 in West Memphis, Arkansas and is best known for her million-selling single "Woman to Woman", which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1975. Singing in churches from nine years on gave her the experiences and voice to discover. Albert King discovered her when she was 14 and she has been with him on the road for nine years long.

In 1972 she released her first single “I ain’t gonna tell”, a funky groove produced by Oliver Saint on Abet Records. Albert King, who was a hit at this time on Stax, recommended her to Jim Stewart and they produced the first single “Woman to Woman” which immediately became Number one and spent two weeks on the top of the Billboard Charts. By December 1974 over one million copies had been sold and it was awarded as a gold disc. It was Stax's final major hit record.

The album went well and due to the situation at Stax that time, the next album went to Arista Records but still was produced by Jim Stewart, the founder of Stax.

Since that she has been on many different labels and released 14 albums till today.

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