We are happy and proud to present to you some exclusive personal stories courtesy of a connoisseur and disciple from the world of funk and soul... a real true Soul Man.

Carlton Jumel Smith.

Carlton Jumel Smith is an all around entertainer (recording artist, showman, songwriter, author, actor, etc.) from New York. He grew up in Spanish Harlem and his teen years were spent attending weekly shows at the Apollo theatre in Harlem as well as concerts all over the city. He also started working in the mailroom at Clive Davis Arista records.

All of this combined with the fact that he began living by himself when he was sixteen years old has shaped him into the man he is onstage as well as offstage. Growing up his major influence in the world of entertainment was the Godfather Of Soul James Brown and he went on to become the first man to portray James Brown on the silver screen when he appeared in Barry Levinson’s feature length film “Liberty Heights”.

He’s also written several plays & scripts that will find their way into production in the coming years. His debut album “1634 Lexington Avenue” on Timmion Records was one of the stand out soul music releases for the year 2019 and he is hard at work on the follow up album.

From now on you will see an ongoing bi-weekly series of interesting, funny and stunning stories from Carlton’s many travels throughout the world of music. Carlton has also graciously chosen to share with us some pieces of memorabilia from his huge archive of posters, bills, magazines, ticket tubs and photos.

Dive into the world of Soul with Carlton Jumel Smith.

Follow his work via @carltonjsmithofficial

Photo: Juha Antturi

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