The Story of Theo Schumann

Theo Schumann is regarded as an early innovator of jazz, funk, soul and pop music in the GDR. Much of his music is lost today, the name Theo Schumann forgotten. We would like to change that with this special release.

The Story Of Theo Schumann will be released as LP (incl. liner notes and printed inner sleeve), as well as stream & download on April 26, 2024.

A Rediscovery

We ourselves were born and grew up in the former GDR. We therefore have a strong connection to the music that was created and released here back then. At first it was our parents' record collections, later flea market finds of LPs from Amiga, the state label at the time. These included recordings that today would be described as organic grooves, soul or jazz funk. That's how we came across the music of Theo Schumann.

The Dresden native shaped the GDR jazz scene of the 60s and created a very special sound. But many of his recordings were lost, never released and nobody had heard them for decades. But we were able to track down Schumann's son Roberto and he was enthusiastic about the idea of lifting his father's music from the archives and making this material available for everyone to hear for the first time. We traveled to the German National Library, had tapes digitized and thus started an incredible journey into the world of Theo Schumann. After more than 50 years, this music will be released for the first time on 26.04.24 as an LP, stream and download on Golden Rules. It is a great honor for us.

Golden Rules · The Story Of Theo Schumann


"Schumann's unconventional combination of beat, pop and jazz, known as calypso twist, beat mambo, big beat shake or gully rock, is regarded as the "'archetype' of pop music in the GDR." (Wikipedia)

About Golden Rules

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