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Record Kicks

The Grease Traps - Solid Ground (LP)

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$25.00 USD
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$25.00 USD

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Record Kicks veröffentlicht "Solid Ground", das explosive Debütalbum der US-Band The Grease Traps, aufgenommen in Kelly Finnigans Transistor Sounds und abgemischt von Orgone's Sergio Rios. Raw and dirty Soul. Must have!

Label: Record Kicks
12” LP
Paper Sleeve
Colored Label
Colored Cover

1 Roots
2 Residue
3 Solid Ground
4 Amazing Grease
5 Hungry (For Your Love)
6 Bird Of Paradise
7 More & More (And More)
8 Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother
9 Get In The Groove
10 Color Blind
11 It's A Trap Pt. II