FAQ & Contact

Contact us via hello@goldenrules.de - we get back to you asap.

Why order here and not from Amazon?

Because we are like you: Soul&Funk and vinyl lovers ourselves. Passionate about what we do, with a direct line to the labels and artists. We want fair shares for the artists, fair salaries and sustainable relationships with our customers and partners. Relationships at eye level. We want to support the scene directly and immediately: Without the roundabout way via large international corporations. Support your community.

My order has arrived with damage? What can I do?

Sorry for that! Contact us at hello@goldenrules.de, feel free to send a photo with the damage and we will care for a new product for you.

How do you ship the items?

We partner with DHL and ship the items within 2 working days including tracking. All packages are packed carefully and as secure as possible. We try to focus on sustainability as much as possible, pack nearly without any plastic, use certified and recycled paper.

I am artist and have music on Vinyl or Tape. Can I sell them in your store?

Sounds cool! Feel free to send us more info and links to the music to hello@goldenrules.de.

I am a retailer and want to sell your Golden Rules releases. How can I order them?

Awesome! Please contact us via hello@goldenrules.de and we get back to you asap with all informations needed.

Can I buy Golden Rules releases in record stores?

Yes, you can! There are stores that have our sampler in stock! Feel free to write us a mail with a info about your hometown to hello@goldenrules.de and we will send you info about the stores near you. Feel free to recommend us awesome record stores! 

What is Golden Rules and The Soul Shop?

Read our full story at shop.goldenrules.de/pages/about


Feel free to contact us anytime, if one of your questions is not answered here!

Thank you,
Johannes & Fab