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We're a platform & archive for Soul treasures.
We try to give access to a rich culture and amazing stories from the past, but we also try to be a spotlight for the best in contemporary funk, soul & positive vibes.

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We want to be a spotlight on the current scene of contemporary Funk, Soul and positive vibes. Dive into our highly acclaimed sampler series “The Originals”

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The Originals

Following our passion of collecting obscure funk, library music and dope samples on vinyl, we present to you "the golden triangle of unusual instrumental funk" a new series of releases - inspired by soundtracks, outernational grooves & psych breaks.

Grooves & Visions

We try to give access to a rich culture and amazing stories from the past.

The history of Soul music is closely linked to black history and many personalities have done great things to express themselves in their music. We want to meet this with the greatest respect.

Dive into these stories.

Soul Library

We believe in the awesomeness of well curated playlists. And in combining the analoque and the digital world. There is no better way to find hidden treasures, and following the idea of exploring unknown rooms and diving deep into special interests and the amazing stories behind.

That is why we curate special playlists regularly, for open minded listeners, for soul lovers. Good music - good people.

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