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BMM Records

The Brothers Nylon - Lofi Sauce (LP)

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New York-based twin brothers Nick and Mike Rufolo are ultra-prolific musicians, one plays the drums and mixes the tracks, the other plays all the other instruments. For 13 years and counting, they have been releasing a large amount of music and feeding a growing community of fans on their YouTube channel with videos of sessions shot in their home studio.

In 2016 BMM Records released Golden Bagels, a compilation of some of their grooviest tracks to facilitate diving into their gigantic discography. BMM now presents a sequel on record vinyl titled Lofi Sauce, featuring 16 tracks, some of which are still unreleased to this day.

Label: BMM Records
Paper Sleeve
Colored Cover
Colored Label

1 Dilla Esque      
2 Wouldn't You      
3 Tea Cosy      
4 Bagel Boy    
5 Jazz Yular    
6 Chill    
7 London Falling        
8 Da Dozen      
9 Elevator Vibes II      
10 Ay Uh!  
11 Beach Comber          
12 Wave Remote          
13 Elevator Vibes 12      
14 Lofi Sauce      
15 Lofi Sauce 4      
16 Summer Steeze