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Tramp Records

VA - Feeling Nice Vol. 2 (2LP + 7”)

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It's like this – Tramp Records know vintage funk and soul. They know what you want to hear before you know you want to hear it. Hell, they even know what you want to hear before you even knew it existed. But in a world where the rediscovery of golden era '60s and 70s funk and soul has been ongoing for the best part of a quarter of a century and the careers of contemporary bands reviving the sound has lasted longer than the careers of most of the original artists, how can this still be possible? What's left that hasn't already been repackaged, re-released, compiled and covered to within an inch of its life? A lot of music that makes you feeling nice!

Label: Tramp Records
12” 2LP + 7"
Paper Sleeve
Colored Label
Gatefold Cover

1 Lenis Guess - Why, Why, Why’d She Leave Me?
2 Aalon Butler & New Breed band - Gettin’ Soul
3 Len & The P.A.’s - Soul Block
4 Carole Veal - H’Way Of Love
5 Johnny Apollo Feat. Duffy JAckson Orch. - I Feel Good
6 Nola & Soul Rockers - Reach Down And Get It
7 Allen Matthews - Allen’s Party
8 Kickin’ Mustangs - Kickin’
9 Little Gregory & Concepts - Get Away!!
10 Filet Of Soul - Do Your Own Thing
11 Freddy Hill & Reno Bops - Mr. Lucky
12 Soul Dukes - Jelly Fish
13 Little Genie Brooks - James Brown Bougeloo
14 Lil Buck & The Top Cats - Cat Stream
15 Soul Chargers - Charge It Up, Baby
16 Soul Explosion - Barn Yard Pimp