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Funk Embassy Records

VA - Groove Of ESSR II (LP)

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“ESSR” in the “Groove of ESSR II” stands for Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. Yet for Estonia, there was nothing really “republic” about the situation of being occupied by Soviet Russia. So escaping the oppression through music is a running theme for the Groove of ESSR compilation. Funk Embassy Recs returns with the second volume of tracks that hide meaning between lines or offer solace on the dancefloor. It’s an ongoing journey to uncover these jewels and meet their makers. Majority of these pieces will be released for the first time. During the production of this album, two of the most influential figures in Estonian funk and soul passed on: Marju “Maryn” Kuut (1946-2022) and Tõnu Aare (1953-2021). In music lies strength and truth. We dedicate this album to them. May they live on forever through music, alongside all of the artists represented here.

Label: Funk Embassy Records
12” LP
Paper Sleeve
Colored Label
Colored Cover

1 Esti TV & Raadio Estraadiorkester - Meie Aeg (instr.) (1973)
2 Marju Kuut & Apelsin - Maskeraad (1976)
3 Laine - Nüüd On Mul Muusika (1978)
4 Raivo Parind & Eufoonia - Hei, Päike! (1976)
5 Jaan Kumani Instrumentaalansambel - Mind Veel Ei Ole (instr.) (1975)
6 Collage & Apelsin - Memme Vaev (1977)
7 Magentic Band - Liiklus (1978)
8 Ülle Ernits & Admiral - Ma Tahan Olla Siin (1981)
9 Eesti TV & Raadio Estraadiorkester - Mälestus (short version) (1984)
10 Teravik - Hoia Ennast Koos (1976)
11 Els Himma - Veerev Päev (1980)
12 Pirita - On See Hea (instr.) (1977)